Four Wins for Entrepreneurs at Internet Week Denmark

Are you an entrepreneur looking for new business opportunities? Do you need to improve your digital strategy? Are you looking for enthusiastic young graduates to fill a gap in your team?

4 events for entrepreneurs

  1. In “Winning in the Age of the Customer,” the premise is that in today’s business environment, co-creation, open source and customer-focused services are important, but in this half-day event, representatives from Arla, Vestas, and Grundfos share their practical experience in responding to customer demands.
  2. You might think that Virtual Reality is only for the entertainment industry. Think again. At the event “Virtual Reality and Digital Visualisation,” valuable uses for virtual reality for the architecture, construction, and real estate industries will be demonstrated. Come meet with representatives from the Alexandra Institute, Unity Studios, and the City of Aarhus to learn how we will visualize the architecture and urban landscapes of the future.
  3. Are you looking for new talent? If so, come to the final competition for the Aarhus Business Academy’s “A Week of Digital Transformations” where you will have an opportunity to meet enthusiastic students, one of whom could be your next great new hire. The final event takes place on Thursday May 12th from 12:30-15:00 at Aarhus Business Academy in Viby.
  4. How does alternative finance work? How can you use crowdfunding to grow your business? If you want to learn more about crowdfunding and startup finance, come to the seminar "Crowd Power & Finance", Tuesday May 10th from 17:00-20:00, where you can meet experts and practitioners and ask them your questions.

Check out the business track for more great events like these! Most of the events are free, but some have limited seating. Sign up for our events now and come with your colleagues and friends!