Business Leadership in the Age of Information

Are you a leader and are you interested in networking with other leaders? What is your company’s strategy for user experience and communication? Internet Week Denmark offers unmatched opportunities to improve your corporate strategy and maintain industry contacts.

3 events for Business Leaders at Internet Week Denmark

  1. Kick off the week on Monday and come hear how digital technology is developing and making our lives better both in Denmark and across the world. At the Official Opening, you will have a chance to get the latest developments regarding the Internet of Things and Smart City Technology with Bas Boorsma from Cisco.
    Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group will inspire the audience with stories of her business’s success in providing well-paying tech jobs in Nairobi.
  2. How is your relationship? By which we mean how is your relationship to your customers, of course. Early Wednesday morning, “Building Digital Brands” offers the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of three gurus of user experience, including Alan Cooper all the way from San Francisco. Come early for coffee and networking!
  3. It seems like once every few months, we hear a news story of how a corporation was hacked into and private customer data was compromised. Could this be your company in the news? In the event, “Cyber security,” FBI agent Chuck Esposito from the US Embassy in Copenhagen will discuss the most current threats within cyber security and the FBI’s role in combatting them. The talk will cover two specific technologies for protecting one’s company from cyber threats.

Looking for more high level ideas for developing your company’s digital edge? Check out more excellent events taking place during Internet Week Denmark!