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The festival IWDK (Internet Week Denmark), takes place one week in spring. More than 6000 people join over 100 events for presentations, conversations and inspiration about how to build a smarter tomorrow.

To make the most of tomorrow, we believe in user driven development: listening, learning and collaborating. Scandinavia holds a strong position internationally doing exactly this. With the people – call them users or consumers – as the centre of our attention and work, we find the result is not only more democratic. It is simply better.

During Internet Week Denmark we share “the Scandinavian Way” with the rest of the world. To inspire and exchange perspectives. To help man and machine bring out the best in each other. To make a smarter tomorrow with more innovative products, greater services, faster systems, more profitable businesses and more sustainable solutions.


The festival is all about how technology affects our lives and the way we do business. It’s a festival that connects business, creative and social leaders with entrepreneurs, opinion-makers and citizens in shaping the digital age.

To show you visually what IWDK is all about, we’ve created a brochure about the festival held in spring 2016, where you can learn more about the impact the festival has; the media coverage; events hosted; and much more.